Need help making a certain shape (complete beginner)

Basically I am trying to make the top part of a crook (object on the left but I can’t seem to be able to make that curved shape. Paths are too confusing to even set properly or accurately, and the torus has few little edges to use bridge edge loops. My problem, is that I need to connect these two shapes together:

Keep in mind I just started this program a few days ago. I’m only trying to make a rough shape of the object, but even that is a struggle. Any ideas or tips? I can post more pictures if necessary.

You can select both ends and W / Bridge Edge Loops. Best if both faces have the same number of sides

Alternatively just start with a curve circle

Thanks, helps a ton. Although which tool did you use for making that shape? I’m guessing the path tool? Sorry, I sound really dumb here.

Add bezier circle and in the toolshelf use Toggle Cyclic to open the circle

Instead of making a new post, I’ll just ask again here. When I render my objects, my cylinders appear rounded/sub-divided. Is there anyway to fix this? this is pre-render
and this is post

nevermind, figured it out. Thanks :slight_smile: