Need help modelling a Arctic Tern

Hi, i’ve found a really cool bird that i want to model for my studio logo. First of all a Arctic Tern is a rare bird that lives in the arctic. Except i really need help modelling it. Cause one im not the best modeller, 2 i’ve only found a few good reference photos. If anyone has any suggestions on how to model that would be most appreciated. Here is a photo of the bird:,%20Matinicus%20Rock,%20Maine,%20July%2031,%201949.jpg

A quick response is greatly appreciated

First you have to collect as many reference images as you can for that bird.
Here are some images (even more in google).
Unfortunately I couldn’t find hi-res and more detailed images but that’s a good start.

Edit the images and prepare them for referencing.

Second, find some tutorials on the web about the problem.
Here some simple:

Note that they aren’t specifically designed for Blender. That does not mean that they do not contain usefull information. Examine them and don’t follow them blindly. Just look for the method of modeling that is suitable for your task.

Third - start modeling. Experiment untill you’re satisfied with the result

Fourth - If you need feedback and help on modeling, don’t be affraid to create a WIP topic here. Your bird will be finished in no time.

Optional - if you’re pressed with time and the budget allows it, buy a ready to use model, or hire someone to model it for you.

Thanks for the reply. This is really helpful. Just one question, what do you mean by edit the images. Photoshop them so u have one view then another view below it? Or something else?

I meant that some of the photos may need scaling and rotating to fit to each other.
Anyway, you won’t achieve perfect alignment of the photos. So don’t waste too much time with that step :wink:

Just a note (NO, I’m not trying to freak you out by posting all over your threads, I am just interested in your project), I do NOT recomend buying a bird model that is mass sold, for your logo, you probobly want your logo to be somewhat unique.