need help on topology

here is just a topology i have made after lot of effort,but i need to find some problem i cant identify

Well, I’m going to give you a vague response to a vague question.

It looks good so far, I like what you’ve done with the thing, and the stuff. Nice use of edges AND faces, not many people can do that. Overall, it’s very colorful and fun…ish.

What exactly are you asking?

if my edge flow are good

Looks good to me. What are those large quads in the blue section? Shouldn’t the edgeloop continue through them? How does that work?

The flow looks good to me but I think you will need some additional edge loops at the nose to give some definition to the nostrils.

here some edvice from me :slight_smile: you need much more loops. its not realy the best way but this must look better.

and the second pic schows you some importend loops.

sorry about my english :smiley:


the flow is bad if you want to animate. there should be a edge from the chin to just under the ear, tracing the jaw bone.

Is the the topology good? well it depends… how is you’re character going to look like. is it going to a girl with a smooth face l or a bad guy with a very masculine face? What you’re going to animate, is he going to just shake is head, talk or maybe roar and make faces?. And If you’re not going to animate the face at all topology don’t matter that much, as long as it looks good =). My advise: trail and error, test for yourself and see if it work, and don’t believe everything that’s is said about topology there are a lot of incorrect “rules” about what you can and cannot do. Make your own rules instead.

A good topology should be able to define the face in all poses/expressions you that you character to be able to do. Try to visualize in your mind how your will topology deforming and morphing into all those poses. In that what way you can get a hunch if you have the right amount of detail and the right topology.

Hope it helps

Hi dems,
your topology is almost spot on. I’m very happy that you are aware of loops and how they should match the underlying anatomy. I see that you have problems with the nose area. You’re topology is at the base stage. I’m writing about topology and pole over at the modeling forum. A word of warning though, I don’t have a once of talent and I can’t model jack! But I have a talent for analyzing, and I’m pretty sure the answers you seek will be answered. I think I have a whole lot to tell, so in any case for the rest of the year I’m busy discussing these matters.