Need help or online tutorial to put texture on this character

I have this character here

and I have this texture file hereI wondered if you could give me help exactly how I would map this characters body parts to this texture file or direct me to a specific online tutorial that will help me do this same type of thing. I downloaded this model and I would like to be able to easily re texture models I download so if you could help me I would appreciate it! thank you

Is your model already UV unwrapped? Sorry, I have no idea of the level of knowledge you have, but supposing that you have no clue how to unwrap your character I need to ask if it is not already done and you just need to apply the texture on the material.

Without the blend file to inspect is hard to have a clue about what it really needs.

Sorry not sure what happened but there was no option to edit my post. Here is a link to my blender file. Thanks for replying I hope to hear back from you!

Hi, your character is already uv unwrapped. so you need to go to the shader editor and make sure your textures are linked. Or go to file>external data>find missing files.

What exactly do I have to Click to make it look that way in the UV editor? thanks for replying by the way

You select the mesh in edit mode.

Thank you so much!