Need help please.

Hi im new here, not sure where to put my question so ill put it in basics. Feel free to move it.

So for a project i am working on I need to be able to press a button (spacebar) and then if i am at a certain location blocks will start appearing, but they appear at a location i tell them to and in a sequence. SO the start left to right and then when its maybe 7 blocks long they start to stack on top of eachother.

So basically they have pre set locations. (its to build a sand castle).

Now heres a tricky part. I want it so when a block comes in contact with an object it is destroyed and disappears. But when this happens when more blocks are placed i want them to spawn where the other ones are missing before it carrys on from the last block it placed.

Hope this makes sense, So could someone please guide me in the right direction of what methods i need to use in order to achieve this. If theres any other questions or if put up something confusing please let me know.

Greatly appreciated, nicholas.

Anyone? any ideas.

im just coming out of the blue atm, but would a list kind of thing work? So i make 100 diff cubes, give them all their own spawn point (if i can do that) and then have something like On press of spacebar it goes through a list which is something like

If block 1 is placed then place block 2
If block 1, block 2 is placed then place block 3.

The only problem with this is it would take forever and probaly not work, im sure theres gotta be a simpler way…

EDIT: The sand castle is 100 blocks, thats why it would take forever.

I think i might be able to use properties? I do i do that though? Any ideas even if its out of the blue.


I attached a quick example that should help get you on the right track.

The “cubes” property in the cubespawner empties determine how many cubes will be created in one stack. You can move and duplicate these empties as you see fit.

Be advised that it uses blender 2.5


example-2.5.blend (419 KB)