Need Help Prepping 3D Model

I need someone to prepare my .blender file for 3D/CNC lathe fabrication. I just don’t have enough experience working with 3D to complete all the requirements. The big problem for me is getting the proper dimensions and wall thickness. The attached .blend file has been converted from an .stl that was fixed by Microsoft Model Repair, and this same .stl was accepted by as printable, but the CNC companies say the walls are too thin. The fabricators tell me the walls must be at least 1mm or (.04 inches) thick. Also, the work should be approximately 8 inches tall. Please take a look, and let me know how much you would charge to prep this model. Thanks very much.[ATTACH]398000[/ATTACH]

No big rush, Janneman. Tomorrow or any time during the next week should be fine. Have you looked at the .blend file yet to make sure it’s workable? the most important thing is to add thickness to the walls. How much would you charge? Thanks!

Hello, didn’t You consider doin this model once again? I see a lot of triangles, which causes problems with rescaling it and adding thickness.
Im not a pro, but i just wanted to say what i think about it, and it looks, that it would be easier to do it again with clean topology :slight_smile:
Good luck!

I sent you a private message.

When I sent my original .stl file through Microsoft 3D Model Repair, it did weird things with the topology. However, several 3D printers gave me quotes based on the fixed .stl. But the CNC fabricators apparently want a different kind of file. Still working on this. Cheers

After having a look I’d say that I could indeed fix this model, although I’m not certain exactly to what end you need it or what scale you’ll print it at, however I have found where the problem areas are.

Care to describe a bit more as to what this thing is supposed to do so I can figure out the best course of action as to fixing it?

Hey there… I’m sending you a PM :wink: I can have this job done in just a couple hours or less…

ATTEN ALL: I may have found someone to complete this work for me. But if you’d like to leave your info in case the fix doesn’t work out, please feel free to do so. Thanks for everyone’s help. I believe I have the model working for 3D printing, however, it still needs to be modified for CNC carving as their requirements are different… in fact, I’m finding almost all fabricator’s requirements are different!

I have the model done and ready to go if you want it…