Need help pricing my 3D Character commissions

(MonoShuga) #1

Hi everyone! I’m a digital artist, I draw cartoons and such and I have commissions open for those drawings.
Occasionally I do 3D characters and I wanted to add my 3D work to my commission list. :smiley:
But I have a little problem… I have no idea what to price them and I don’t know what people look for when getting models of their characters either… (Rigging?? Just a pose render??? T-Pose???)

Here’s my 3D work so far: MonoShuga on Sketchfab - Sketchfab
And the prices I charge for my drawings for comparison:

Naturally I want to charge more than I do for my drawings, but I don’t want to be over pricing myself more than what my work deserves…
Any tips?

(lucky) #2

A good way to quote a job is to estimate the time you need to do it. Then define your hourly/daily rate (maybe this can help: and you’ll be able to price the job.

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The Jobs forums are really for offering people work, they’re not really there for talking about the price of work.