Need Help!Realistic Earth

I actually want to achieve the glow effect of earth’s atmosphere.Which is confusing me!Some suggestions needed.I would be grateful.

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make the atmosphere in a deffrint render layer, thin blur it on the composeting ,and add it to the origenal render layer by mixing it

Actually the atmosphere is a sphere which if rendered in different layer acts like diffused material so it can’t work.

ok i think adnrw price made an earth tut back a while ago, may you should check it out,
:youtube blender guru

But it was for a still frame not an animation.

i am not sure, but ticnkly it should work fine if its made , even for a still frame
why would the render layr work as a diffuse material, did you enable alpha sky on the other render layer ? so it only renders the object

Yeah that’s what I did

i would say to upload the file, but saidly my pc just died,
but maybe someone can help if you uploaded the file
of course if you want

I enabled transparency.

yeah ? did it worked ? if you have transparaency in the atmospher layer, thin your god to go

I’ve been working on an animation with a realistic earth recently as well, I’ve had decent luck putting a blurred earth behind the original one.

I set my film to transparent and stack my compositor like this:

  • Environment Pass
  • Blurred Earth
  • Earth

Basically, the way to go Forward just depends on how much time you have got.

If you have forever, check out Lasse Forsters (DevilFX) volumetric earth shader. I gives amazing results but takes ages to render. Here is a quick render I did with that approach:

If you don´t have forever, try fresnel, and faking reyleight scattering with the shader to rgb node in 2.8. here is a half-good tutorial for this:

Then you could add an Eevee Bloom effect or better a fog glow in the compositor.

I hope I could help you. If you want to see my Approach in Eevee, check this out: