need help recording

ok…so i installed a screen recording software, so i can make video tutorials about Blender.At first it went very slow when recording,but i read the help manual.I decreased the hardware acceleration to none, and set the color quality to 16 bit.Now when i record…it works pretty well…joy joy…except in Blender the menus are fading away veeeeerrryy slow…and a general slowdown of the opengl(this doesn’t bother me),but the menus do! I realise that this is probably because Blender’s gui is making use of hardware acceleration…but isn’t there a way to solve this…the slow motion of menus that is. thank iu guys

what screen capturing software do you use?

Hyper cam 2

maybe i should get a powerfull computer:)

I have never use that software. all these times I use camtasia and quite happy with the result. But havent tried it with blender tho. Back then for XSI and 3DSMax. Laggings still occurs specially when I move objects in the viewport. Maybe you should ask those blender tutorial authors what they were using?

here is wink…

saves the animation in shockwave flash…