Need help - Rigging and Animation for 3d game

I’ve learned modeling, mapping, texturing, everything’s ok. But rigging and animations are hell… can’t understand and I always stuck… And I’m stuck again.

I’ve downloaded sheep from

Followed this tutorial

This is how I ended, I’ve already turned armature on Mesh on, but only works when I turn on Envelopes, but it’s not what I want… Tried to make vertex groups, but didn’t help.

The author maybe TOLD how the cow must be builded (vertex groups etc.) but since I’m deaf I can’t hear him… and no subtitles -_-

Please could anyone take time to help me please? :smiley:

My goal is to rig her body (mouth isn’t yet) and animate walk and moving the head to ground (eating grass). It should be simple since it’s for game or I don’t know how it’s made for games, tutorials are maybe more for animations movies.

Since posting .blend file here sucks, uploaded here

Thanks very much

You need to apply the scales and rotations on your mesh first. Ctrl-A in object mode. Then you should just be able to use automatic weights as a start, then clean up the weights in Weight Paint mode. First, delete the two shape keys you already have and delete the Armature Modifier on the sheep. Select the sheep in Object Mode, shift-select a bone in Pose Mode, then hit Ctrl-P and select Automatic Weights. Click the mesh again and move to Weight Paint mode, then move through the list of vertex groups and fix the weights until it deforms exactly the way you want it to.

Note: you can use to share .blend files.

Ok, thanks very much, my sheep moved! :smiley: now just to make it more natural movements and make animations heading to the next chapter :smiley: