Need help rigging this Anime Character I made.

Download link:!tUdFGYpT!I-vL8d1yVosimYDB58klpb6xB3P3izY3J4lQ2TbVxRg
The weights are always off, and with Rigify, the hair travels with the arm. I need someone who can help me rig it.
It must have a way to move the eyes, finger controls, and bones for the jacket and hair. It needs a simple IK/FK switcher for both the arms and legs, and wrist controls.

If you rig this for me, I will give you a rigging credits in the series. Here’s a link to my channel:

Here’s a some screenshots of it:

The character is not to be rendered, as the series will be done entirely in the viewport. so don’t worry about render glitches, but I don’t want you to delete the duplicated mesh. It’s on backface culling and used for black lines.

If you think this is asking for too much, then I’ll go ahead and put it on the paid thread.

Um, Just a few quick notes: Your character is off center from the origin, which is OK, but is pretty sloppy. Also, You appear to have not packed any of the textures, thus I can’t check if there is any serious texture distortion. Also, I highly recommend you do NOT try to use the view port for a final product. Just take some low-sample/low-resolution renders. It will be well worth it, trust me.

I’m not using textures, It’s just materials. I’m trying to get a look like the anime Rwby:
It doesn’t use any rendering, it is purely viewport.

I’ll see what I can do. It might be difficult considering the pose your model is currently in may make it difficult to rig (usually it is simpler to rig a model with arms spread out in a T pose rather than by his side) and that you already made his clothes (I find it easier to make the clothes after I rig something so I can copy faces from the original mesh and transfer the armature deformations along with them). Just some things to keep in mind next time if you plan to rig something. I’m also wondering why you don’t want to render it. If backface culling is what you’re worried about, there’s a way to set up a simple Blender node to make the back of faces transparent to simulate the same effect during rendering. And finally, RWBY, hell yeah.

Edit: Not only are some of the objects’ origins are off center, but some of their rotations are also off. When you want to rotate or move something around, you should adjust it in edit mode instead of object mode. You also might want to name your objects and materials because trying to figure out what plane.001 is when it is hidden beneath a bunch of other objects called plane makes things somewhat harder. Just a couple tips to keep in mind next time you want something rigged.

yeah he is right , and more why not using freestyle line it,s also nice and can do the same out line thing

this is one of my works that i never finished

Thank you dude. I have a more updated version of the model I can send you, that one’s old. Again, thank you so much. The reason I don’t want to render is because I want to minimize render time, and so I can be more free with the amount of objects I can have in one scene.!cMtxlJjQ!ewrkMVgW97rdQWfKhGY4F1MeTuU0iobjPrlMLB1nn0s
Please add me on skype so we can further discuss: Wiretorch


Here is what I got so far. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep in touch recently. I managed to create bones to move around the body, but because all of my free time has suddenly vanished, I don’t have time to create specialized bones for the hair, eyes, and clothes as well as make some slight adjustments. I used the old file because I already made a fair amount of progress on it and the new file didn’t seem too different apart from a few materials. I also had to recreate the clothes and outline to copy the movement of the body and use a corrective smooth modifier so the arms don’t twist weirdly when you rotate it. I hope that somebody else will be able to pick up where I started and wish you luck on your project.

It says invalid attachment. Can you please make a mediafire download? Also, thanks again so much for doing this!

Odd because the attachment worked before for some reason. Let me try PasteAll, quick and easy.

simething is broken in that file :stuck_out_tongue: or it opens wrong

See if there’s a button at the top that will reload the scripts.

I just redownloaded it to see if it uploaded correctly and everything looks like how I left it and not at all scrambled like your picture. That’s odd, because it should look like this:


Mediafire won’t let me in, Pasteall seems to corrupt the file, and uploading it as an attachment directly to the site just results in an invalid attachment. I must be cursed by cyborg ghost pirates. Only logical explanation. If there’s any other way I can submit it, feel free to let me know.

Edit: I just sent you the blend file in an email.

You can send it to my skype: Wiretorch
if nothing shows up add my personal skype: cordthundertree
If THAT doesnt work email it to me: [email protected]

Again, i cant thank you enough for doing this. Thank you so much!

Hey, when you’re credited, what kind of stuff do you want me to put? Do you just want to be put as The Omnilord or what?

Sure, The Omnilord is just fine, thanks.