Need help rotating instances in nodes


I’m trying to create something like table legs or warehouse racks where I just create a single leg / upright, and use nodes to build the other three. (A single one is made up of smaller “upright” pieces so I can adjust the height.)

I can create a 2nd one along the X axis; however, I’m having trouble figuring out how to instance and rotate them to create the 2nd set, highlighted in the image.

When I rotate them, they rotate around the world origin instead of their local origin.

Also, offsets seem to be reversed - I need to enter a negative offset to get the objects to move on the positive axis direction…

Any help appreciated!

Have you tried the rotate instance node ? it can work in local space.
You can also try to use the rotation in the instance on point node.

But yeah, most of the time geometry nodes works on geometry, like in edit mode.
It’s a bunch of point in space without the notion of a pivot point for every component. Except instances that you can manipulate with the Rotate, Translate, Scale instances nodes.
By default using transform node will use the origin of the object you’re working on as pivot point.

Hope that helps to make a little sense !
Good luck !


I’ll try this out in a few minutes.

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Quick follow up: I’ve rebuild my setup a few times now and am getting a better feel for the geometry created by nodes. Turns out I can use Transform for now… Still learning but here’s where I’m at. :slight_smile:
Probably some good ways to simplify this…

New question about making grids visible coming up in a new post.

Nodes is a bit addicting

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Great that you find out the issue !

Hahahaha ! Indeed !
To me it’s like I’m starting 3D again, everything is new but fortunately it’s quicker to understand once you’ve played with it for some time. It opens so much possibilities and it’s really an interesting way of doing things !

There is also a thriller movie vibes to it, you don’t know how to solve something for a long time, you get scared, and finally a solution come up out of nowhere ! Now the hero can rest until the next challenge, that is already around the corner !!