Need help texturing a ak47

(philiplilkaer) #1

hey would somebody be nice and texture my ak model im too shit to do it myselfak47.blend (1.5 MB)
its going to be wood stock like a normal ak47 thx for the help guys :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #2

Are you going for photo realism? Or is this going to be a game asset? I also see that you have it in Blender internal, is that how you are wanting to keep it or would you prefer it in cycles?

(philiplilkaer) #3

i am trying selling it so realistic texture

(SterlingRoth) #4

Are you really requesting someone else texture something for you to sell it?

And do you really think you can sell an ak47 model? There are over 500 ak47 models on turbosquid, ranging from free to $250. do you think the world needs one more?


I recommend just using a Substance Painter smart material

(FlyingBanana) #6

@philiplilkaer ok you might want to list this over on the volunteer section then. Not sure you will get much help especially if it is for you to get paid and the one that textured/mapped it doesn’t get anything. Someone might be willing to help just to have something to do but not many would be interested as you are going to be getting paid for it.

(philiplilkaer) #7

i also wanna do it myself i just cant find eny tutorials

(yogyog) #8

There are all sorts of tutorials on PBR textures materials texturing UV mapping

(FlyingBanana) #9

@philiplilkaer check out Andrew prices blenderguru anvil tutorial, specifically the UV unwrapping process. This should be very similar to the ak47 unwrapping as it has hard edges to hide seams with. Also if selling it just a tip. You are going to need all the maps to go along with the process for others to download and be usable in other softwares and not just blender. Which is why it would be best for you to get proficient with the process to have a nice organized folder and such for the buyers.

(philiplilkaer) #10

thx i will try