Need help to do the hair on this one

Hey :slight_smile: I really need help to fix the hair of my mettaton model. No matter how i do it i just cant seem to get the hair that mostly every mettaton artwork uses. I instead end up with this 50’s american anti-vaxxer haircut. Could anyone please help me? Doesn’t necesarily have to be anime-like, just the cool side cut that you see on the 2D image made by Pauline Callenaere on artstation. Is there a way to edit this easily in GIMP or a way to make it in 3D? Also doesnt need to be supeer realistic, stylized works just aswell.

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You could use curves and model the hair with it.
Like this:

Or you go with the hair system. From what i can see from your current hair is the strand form is not there. I would advise to start with one strand and change the settings so it fits the style. (Interpolated particles need a vertex group to restrict them) Then make the whole hair and maybe also two particle systems with different sizes.

Have you seen this?

The hair can make the model shine since the character looks great.

Oh :open_mouth: The first one i hadnt found yet. Its actually exactly the kind of hair i’d like to make. Not too cartoony, but unrealistic enough to get that sharp turn on the hairline. Thanks man!

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Its not that known but in my opinion one of the best.

I know a bit about hair in blender (check my latest project :slight_smile: ) and with a bit of time you can the perfect hair for your char. Just start simple and dont add too many strands in the beginning.

Yeah this tutorial was absolutely perfect. The use of stray disconnected strands in the circle to get smaller strands was just genius and exactly what i wanted. Easy to follow and really fast as well. A bit outdated maybe as all the tool options are now impossible to find almost but i got it down rather quickly.
Bless you!

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