Need help to get this shader to work inside a game in UPBGE

Hello guys, I need your help, actually I wanted to ask this long ago, but got time now, okay, here is the issue…

I think you all know that in the Blender 2.79 UI, there is a small button that will popup with a menu when you press N, that button is the ambient occulsion ( which is realtime), so, when I enable it in BGE or UPBGE start the game, it dissappears, and I know there are various SSAO shaders online, but they are not as good as these integrated one, I think there must be a glsl shader in the blendet files, so, can someone find it and please give it to me? Please guys I need you help.
And yes if you do not where it is located in the blender 2.79 UI, here is its image -

Please help me, thanks!

a simple search using the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen leads to this:

viewport shading and game engine are two different systems, bpy and bge are not the same.
so i think if someone convert the viewport ambient occlusion to bge, the result would be some of those ssao shaders online you mentioned.

Oh thanks, this means that will not be able to get it​:sob::sob:, or… can I?