need help to make a frosted glass with pattern

Hi folks,
I have been searching these forums, and google also to try to find a tutorial how to make a frosted glass with pattern.
I have included a picture of what I am trying to make. Could anyone give my a recipe for cycles? or perhaps a link that show how to do this?

So greatfull


Either this was too difficult or it was simply no interest for it. So I had to figure it out my self. For those that might be interested here is the node setup for blender Cycles: (the image must be a black and white picture, where as the pattern is black)


2 things. First, I don’t think what you have there will work like you think it will because you would want the image for the pattern to be the factor to choose between the clear glass and the frosted glass. What you have now looks like the image is influencing the color of the glass.

Second, frosted glass has a translucent component. I recently was experimenting with a frosted glass myself, and finally started getting good results when I mixed a glass shader with a translucent shader.

Here’s a couple of examples of this set up in action.

If I was going to do a pattern, like you are wanting to do, I would have that pattern in a black and white image that I would use as a factor of a mix shader to choose between a glass shader and the frosted glass group.

here is an excellent tutorial on how to do this in cycles…