Need help tp find stuff!

heey, its been a while since i worked on something, but i recently spent a long time viewing pascal blanches website again =D he is truely the man at 3d!

anway, ive decided to work on a super buff character, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get some good images of huge muscles like body builders have?? does anyone know where i can find such pics of huge muscles?

id like to start this project before i get bored with it =) ive grown very bored with 3d, but ive just scrapped up a small amount of inspiration to get me to start this project



There may be some useful pics on
They have loads of good reference material.

aw iots got a muscle page! this is perfect thanks man!

eww, some of these guys really make me wanna throw up… their muscles are just nasty, some of them dont even look like they have any skin! just muscle and veins… this is gross… lol

just what i wanted, thanks