Need Help!!!! UV Textures

(ndnchief) #1

I am a noob, and I am looking for a good tutorial on UV Texturing. Please keep in mind I have searched all over for one but cant find anything to help me. I am not someone who would ask untill I have exhausted all other resources, I have spent many hours, as alot have I,m sure learning Blender. Please take a look at my first complete scene in the “Finished Projects” forum, (RoomScene_Final.jpg) just so you all know I am a serious Blender user. But still a NOOB, UGH!!! Started in March. Im sure it is not that difficult, but like I said I am having a hard time finding any Documentation on it. Any information on Tuts, Links, etc would be Appreciated, Thanks,
NDNChief NOOB< NOOB< NOOB< UGH!!! :wink:

(hannibar) #2

start here :