Need help with 3D Print preparation process

I am creating a repeatable process that will be scripted in python using Blender to prepare assets for 3d printing. The basic process is that I import 3 separate parts (each part is manifold when it is imported). These are OBJs with MTLs and textures. I have some scripting now which runs Blender’s solidify and then boolean union on the three parts. However, the result is non-manifold. I need to find a repeatable process which will consistently produce printable results. There will be variation in the exact parts for each print job, so manually selecting vertices and performing operations manually will not work for the final project. Once a process or set of blender operations is found that works consistently we will need to add those to the python script. I am looking to achieve this result within the next week ideally.

Currently, the non-manifold areas are at the boundaries of two of the union-ed meshes. We have about 200k Verts, 350k Faces, and 375k Tris. About 6-10k non-manifold edges after the union.

If this is something you believe you can help with, please provide me with an estimate of the time frame, cost, and scope of how you can help.

  1. When can you start and how do you think it will take to finish (calendar time)?
  2. How much will this cost in total?)
  3. Are you able to help with the scripting portion or just the Blender portion? If you know how to do this in Blender but not script it, I may be able to handle the scripting side of things.
  4. Will it require any additional Add-Ins (besides the built in 3D-Print add-in)
  5. What version(s) of Blender can you do it in? We can use 2.8.5 or 2.90.
  6. What platforms can you use for payment or forms of payment can you accept?
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PM sent. Kindly check it.

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