Need help with a crowdfunding project. (NOT a video game)

Hey guys,

i plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on in the 2-3 months.
Right now i really need some help with the 3D visualization. My blender skills are just not good enough to meet the requirements.

What has to be done:

  1. A 3D Model of a gun with a lot of curvy surfaces. It should be high poly. And i need a “dismountable” version of it too for CAD and 3D printing purposes.

  2. Parts of the presentation video with fire animation in the background and animated 3D Text.

What i can offer:

Needless to say, if the crowdfunding campaign is successful your work will be paid.
And if youre interested to join the team as official 3D artist, you will be invited.

More information about the project:

Check out this article on inventorspot:

Visit my website:

If you are interested you can post a reply, PN, or mail me at [email protected]

And yes, this is my project and i am the inventor of the ATOC Gaming Gun. :cool:

I am looking forward to your feedback.


This looks pretty interesting and the ATOC gaming gun actualy looks pretty cool (kind of bring’s back memorys of playing games like time crisis at the arcades when growing up).

A few questions:
What kind of High poly gun would you be looking for? (i take it similar to the ATOC gaming gun itself?)
By “dimountable” i take it you mean all the model parts should be able to seperate and to certain measurements for 3d printing (for my own understanding).

Definitely looks interesting…


the model of the ATOC Gaming Gun that you can see on the website does not represent the final stage anymore.
We have some new ideas and concept arts for a new prototype which is not based on current existing rifles. The new style looks more like a sci-fi gun.

And yes you unterstood right with seperation of the model parts.

Sry for my english, its not the best :smiley: