Need help with a scene switching script (solved)

Update: I’m trying to make a flexible script for travelling through different scenes. There are 4 rooms (A,B,C,D) and 3 doors. If someone more experienced in Python could look it over, I’d appreciate any suggestions. I can post a more detailed description of how the system is supposed to work if necessary.

You start out in RoomA, looking at the door to roomB. If you turn round and jump up, you will see the door to room C. Each door has a corresponding empty that sets the position of the player if you enter through it.

I can’t really tell what’s going on there. Cute though. You should be able to figure it out using the print statement. Using an ID, if it’s a number, is a problem because it doesn’t tell you much. Although, if there are hundreds of rooms, you might need to do something like that.

It seems to work fine for me. I see no problem at all with the transition from C to A.

Oops. I meant to write A to C. Here’s the error message I get when I enter room C

Here’s the error message I get when entering room C:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “enterRoom”, line 6, in ?
SystemError: error return without exception set

Here’s the code it’s referencing:

1  import GameLogic as g
2  cont = g.getCurrentController()
3  own = cont.getOwner()
5  own.setPosition(g.enterPos)
6  own.setOrientation(g.enterOrt)

g.enterPos and g.enterOrt are globals determined by the last door gone through.

Ah, I noticed the error message but I’ve never seen that error before and have no clue what it might be talking about.

Got it working now. I made it so the setEntrance controls the new position of the player. I updated the file if anyone wants to look at it. I’ll probably make a better looking demo file when I get the chance.