Need help with animating a light source along a bezier curve

I’m trying to make an animation illustrating the flow of electricity through a power system. I have a power plant, switchyard, transmission tower, substation, and distribution pole, and a bezier line connected between them illustrating the electricity line. What I’d like to do is to pan the camera across the system, and as it pans, the “electricity line” lights up as though it’s being energized in slow motion. That is to say, we see the flow of electricity through the line.

I have no idea how to phrase this in searching for tutorials online. Can anyone help point me in the right direction to learn this?

if you already have a bezier object then bevel it and animate the start / end bevel factor values
maybe set it to spline or segment, and use and emitting material

I believe the effect you are looking for may also be done (perhaps more easily?) by using procedural materials.


That actually looks very much like what I’d like to do, but I’m afraid I’m still too much of a noob at Blender to understand a lot of the context in the video explanation. I really need a step by step to understand the big picture and how these components work together. Still, that gives me something to target my searches around going forward. Thanks so much!