Need help with armatures I don't know how to manipulate obj

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Please don’t just say “do a search” I would really like some help. I am trying to figure out how armatures work. If you know of a tutorial on it please tell me. I am trying to animate a simple tube like in this tut. but it doesn’t explain how it was done. I can’t figure it out ( im stupid ) pleassssee help me.

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There’s a sticky topic at the top of this forum entitled “Current list of Tutorials etc.”. Use your browser’s search function to look for the word “armature”

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I’m glad too see you can read

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OK maybe I wasnot clear about my problem. I have done a search and did find many tutorials on animating characters. My problem is that some of the tuts that i found where either dead links, or they were about the older versions of blender that didn’t have armatures. A couple of tutorials i have found about armatures explain how to minipulate the bones and do ik solvers and all that but do not explain how to deform a mesh using armatures. I am trying to move a models arm w/ an armature so that i can bend his elbow, wrist etc… I can’t get it to work. If i seperate the mesh, ie., hand, forearm, upperarm. I can child it to the corisponding bone and walla. The problem is if i lift his arm you can see right into the models chest cavity. Now we can’t have that can we. So like i said in my first post PLEASE DO NOT just tell me to do a search. I have many times found some really cool stuff but not what i am trying to find.

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alright i got it … yea YEA wohooowwwwoowoow

I tried it again and i found the step i was missing. I was forgeting to change the name of the bones to match the names of the groups. Thanks anyway

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Hehe that’s kinda funny that you’d lash back saying not to tell you to do a search because I searched on that topic and found this link:

I know you wrote not to tell you to search, but the truth is- I found that link by searching in a matter of seconds. It’s not that hard. It’s very much working also. Not trying to be harsh, but don’t be so ignorant next time.

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I also found these tutorials by searching in these forums: (bone setup) (bone setup) (setup w/ instructions on vertex grouping)

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yea sorry bout that i did find most (3) of the tuts that you posted but they did n’t work mainly because i forgot to change the names (sombody shoot me) but really i am sorry for getting carried away i was just getting very very frustrated with the whole thing.

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you’re happier now?! :wink:


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wew thanks theeth i feel much better now