Need help with Blender Game Kit example

I’m doing the TubeCleaner tutorial from the Blender Game Kit 2 and can’t get it to work. The base platform is meant to rise with each frame by setting a property zLoc which feeds into an action raising the platform, but it doesn’t move. There are two actuators, one plays the animation using the zLoc property (presumably for frame number) and the other increments the property with each frame (the sensor is Always). Blend file is about 2MB and can be found here.

I’m beginning to think it might be better to try to learn this stuff using the versions of Blender the tutorials were written for.

Without actually having exact knowledge of this particular situation,
yes you are probably best of to use the original blender version when using these tutorials.

This way you are sure you have something that should work, and minor changes between versions won’t affect your results.

Then it isn’t too hard to adopt the gained skills to later versions, since then you understand what you do and look for, and applying this to the current version.
Good luck!