need help with boolean operation

I am trying to make a boolean operation to get some spesific holes in a mesh… but that doesn’t see to work. Maybe the mesh is becoming to complicated?

The holes are intended to go true the red glass. and then I would like to scale down the letters so there was a small gap between the glass and lettering.

Boolean operations in Blender doesn’t work very well, I don’t use them at all. If I got correctly what you want, you should convert the text to curve, make a copy of it, add to it (in edit mode) the glass, so then the text will become hollow, and around it would be glass. To the copy of text (which would be just a curve): set width (in Curve and Surface tab) to something less than 1 to get the gap you want. Then extrude as desired.

Hope it helps, it isn’t that hard to do…

Here’s a videotutorial from blendernewbies about cutting holes in a mesh that’s very simple and might help you do what you want.

the cutting a hole in the mesh dont help unless i have a very dense mesh and use a lot of fiddling. the other advice is more hmm? didn’t quite understand that one.

It’s about playing with curves. If a curve is 2D it creates surface. There is a tutorial on wiki
The trick is in making the red glass from curve and not from mesh.