need help with car rig

I have a car rig mostly complete, although I want my control bone up front to not only be tracked but also followed. As in moving the bone left and right will cause the bones to track fine. but forward and backward, the rest wont move. How can I make it so the rest of the rig will follow forwards and backwards too?

Thanks for the help


could you post a blend file of this?
also there’s a really good car rigging tutorial on blendercookie here
if you haven’t checked it out already

Thanks for the reply, actually the car rig mostly came from the tut you mentioned, very nice rig so far, love the auto roll in the wheels (Now if I could find a tut on suspension).

Here is the blend file with the rig. The controlling bone that sticks out front will steer the front wheels and even turn the drive shaft towards it a little bit to better simulate the entire turning process of the car.

My only problem is the control bone doesnt have the rig move forward or backwards, just left or right. It would be sweet to have one bone do the steering, turning of the entire car, and accelerate and backup. Basically you would tow the car around with this controlling bone.Lots_Bots_1C.blend (428 KB)

heres the solution i came up with, to me it’s not very elegant tho,i unparented the main control from the car Bone then i set a limit distance constraint on the bone to force it to follow the main control, i also replaced the track to constraint with an ik constraint, this i did more out of habit than anything else. the only problem with this is that the car can’t back up.

i also added another armature to the blend file that could be used as a possible solution for suspension. feel free to study it and use it.

hope this was helpful


Lots_Bots_1C.blend (416 KB)