Need help with CentOs 7 and windows 7 dualboot

I’m new to Linux.

I did a clean install for windows 7, after that I installed CentOs 7 from the CentOs 7 full DVD.

The installation goes as expected, after the reboot I cant use my keyboard and mouse. And I’m prompted by Linux to accept the licence agreement, but I cant do anything because my keyboard and mouse dont work.

On top of that I cant select windows 7 in the boot menu.

My system is from 2012 and I have disabled UEFI boot, because I couldt get CentOs to boot in Eufi.

I hope anybody can help.

I’m curious about why a new Linux user would choose that Linux distribution.
I recommend using user friendly Linux distros with a large user base that can give support: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora

That is recommended, do not install in UEFI mode (Windows 7 does not need it anyway).

You see if you can boot from any system using a LiveCD boot rescue like this:

Or this that seems in beta state:

But if you are doing clean installations, I recommend starting with user friendly distributions. And you remember that you should always install Windows first, and then install Linux.

as a very long time linux as my main operating system person

i use Scientificlinux 7.4 ( 99.999% the same as CentOS 7.4 ) all the time BUT!!! it is NOT my main operating system
– i use if for the software that IS BUILT for RHEL7

for everyday use and blender 2.79a i use OpenSUSE 42.3

centos is not a good choice for a home everyday desktop install

It is a GREAT choice for the Office and server room

while the cent repos do have some added hardware support over RHEL’s rhn repos there is a BIG lack of support for a lot of HOME use hardware

what IS your keyboard and mouse make and model ?
Are they wireless or usb ?
or do they use the cable you plug into the port on the back of the computer ?
or are they bluetooth ?

CentOs was recommended for VFX creatives in an article I read.

I also did some research on mainstream VFX software like Maya and Nuke. The Linux version that are listed there are all RedHat based. Out of the 3 RedHat flavors CentOs was recommended (again from an article I read) to be the most stable, free, production safe distro. Basicly RedHat without the paid support.

I got CentOs working! :smiley:

I used an older live DVD for CentOs I stil had, and the installation went flawless. The full CentOs DVD I downloaded last week I tossed away.

By the way, is CentOs a bad choice for a Linux beginner?

I do have experiance using Blender on Irix on a SGI workstation, but that was over 16 years ago.

for cent keep in mind that the ONLY!!! supported versions are the last minor version
ALL cant os 5 are UNSUPPORTED
ONLY CentOS 6.9 and 7.4 are supported

upgrade this " older" version ASAP !!!

read the cent wiki on how to do this

also cent 6 is on security fixes ONLY and is showing it’s old age

there was a MAJOR change in the base operating system going from Cent 6 to 7
SystemD is now used in 7 !!!

I have installed CentOs 7, the live DVD I burned a while ago, but it’s still 7. The live DVD was older in comparison to the Full DVD I downloaded recently, my apologies if this wasn’t clear.