need help with constraints

I’m currently working on a hinge in my model with rotation and limit rotation constraints. I hope I can explain this well:
I have 1 hinge (hinge A) with a limit y rotation of min = -90º , max = 0º
and another hinge (hinge B) with a limit y rotation of min = -270º , max = 0º
The hinge are placed next to one another, with 1 end on the other.
They’re both connected to an empty, so that when the empty rotates, the hinges rotate together at the same time (i’m sure you know that)
this is what it looks like : o—o <- hinge B
o—o <- hinge A
so when I rotated hinge A to -90º, hinge B will also be standing up to -90º.
I want hinge B to rotate as far as -270º, and hinge A to stay up to -90º, but when I reach to -180º (rotation on empty) hinge A goes back to its original place causing hinge B to go back too. Please help i’ve been trying so hard to get it to work. And also, the end of hinge B that is connected to hinge A has a copy location constraint on the vertex group of hinge A so that it would follow the hinge up and down. Hope you can answer this, I do blender currently as a hobby as i’m still finishing my last years of high school.

post blend please