Need help with curving the top face of the mesh

I started using Blender a couple days ago and I am struggling to create this model I have in mind. I created a vector image and imported the svg into blender. I want to turn it into a 3D model with the back face being a solid surface without any holes like on the top side and curve the top face of the model in the screenshot so that it looks like it’s bulging out. I tried using the shrink wrap modifier with a NURBS surface and while it does curve the surface, it ends up creating these jagged edges as can be seen in the screenshot. What I want is a smooth curved top face. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks/

There are two stages to the solution (i think)…

  1. you need it to shade smooth.

You can do this by pressing F3 in object mode and typing “shade smooth”

  1. the actually sharp eges need to be shaded as sharp.

At the top of the mesh buttons > Normals > autosmooth tickbox and asngle allows you to make an object shade as smooth unless it’s sharper than (by default) 30 degrees.

Thanks for the reply. I followed your advice but it still looks strange. Also, I can’t find the autosmooth tick box. I am using Blender 2.8.

It’s now in the normals tab of mesh properties.