Need help with cycles to recreate photo real walls with wall paper.

I’d like to have someone help me so I can do this myself but what ever I can get I’ll be happy with.

In 2012 I shot a campaign featuring Wallpaper where I shot the paper hung on an actual wall then composited it in to a scene in post.

fast forward to 2013 and we are doing another campaign and I now need to do this again. However, I want to step it up and create more intricate wall shapes like curved walls and whatnot.

I have the original design files from the designer and want to recreate these textures in Blender to create photo realistic walls to composite with practical photography.

This is what the composite looked like for the last campaign.

Here is a sample of the raw wall paper design file.

This file when used with the screen blending mode in photoshop does the effect I want. The black needs to be a reflective gold color. The white in the file is matt.

I can give you more info if you want to help me get some results with cycles in blender. HELP PLEASE!

How’s this for you? Quicky test render.

Thanks for the attempt. Here are my thoughts, I had gotten that far with the material. I can’t get it to look like the ones in my other photos.

the material needs to be lit more evenly. The white needs to be a matt white like this

This is what it looks like for real.

It has to be indistinguishable from that of the practical photography.

Can’t get the lighting right, but hope this helps.