Need Help With Eye Parenting

Hi everyone! Its been a while since I’ve been around here because of school. Well I have come across an eye rigging/tracking problem. When I parent the eyes to the head bone and rotate the head back, the eyes begin to fall out of place from the eye sockets. Same thing happens when I rotate the head forward. The eyes just won’t stay in place when the head moves. The eyes are parented to the head bone just does not stay where it should in the mesh when rotating. I’ve attached the blend file here. If anyone can help me fix the problem, I owe you a shrine of godliness. I’ve been trying every way I can think of to fix but it just isn’t working.

Thanks Very Much For Any Help!


PENGUIN_problem.blend (363 KB)


The eyes are moving correctly, it’s the eye sockets that are moving. The vertices that make up the eye sockets of your penguin are shared between the head and chest vertex groups, so they move under the influence of both the head and chest bones. They should only move under the influence of the head vertex group. Remove them from the chest vertex group and everything should be ok. You will probably want to do this with several vertices (e.g. I don’t think the beak should be part of the chest vertex group).

Oh! Wow! Thanks! I would have never thought about that at all! Thanks Alot!

Edit: Thanks very much! I changed the vertexes a bit but there was still some eye socket movement so I added some heat bones in the cheek area and it fixed it. Thanks for the help!