Need help with gem shader

The gem with glitter. All methods that I know is not good.

Checked this?


BTW, from your reference image it’s not clear, if the object is a gem (precious stone) or fake plastic kitsch. :no_mouth: Define…

OP - you need to start posting higher resolution example images. Your orb thread contained a similar, tiny, very low resolution image and it makes it difficult for people to see what it is you are trying to achieve.

It’s not clear from your image whether you want to replicate actual glitter or refractive dispersion (like you get on a diamond).

If it’s the latter - you could look at some examples in this thread:

Sorry, now I haven’t better quality refer. But thanks for your responds.

Do either of these work for you?

Heres the blend file:glitter ball.blend (527.4 KB)

My shader looks exactly the same.

the only thing missing is to make a sphere around the “glitter ball” with a glass shader and some transmission properties

I know, but I can’t, because I’ll assign the shader to thousands of models by automatic script.

1000’s ?
can you elaborate

with that many objects blender might get very sluggish
unless you use some Group instancing !

happy cl

I have an addon. He loads model one by one to scene, assigns materials (I can choose which material to use), render it from few cameras (I can choose which camera to use) and saves images.

I’d imagine that a volumetric shader of some kind along with a simple glass shader for the surface would do better. Unfortunately, I’m not very good with volumetric stuff, so I can’t do better than this using shaders alone.

Maybe it’s best to make an addon that creates a particle system that fills the volume of the object with objects that have the look you want. I don’t know python, but It doesn’t sound too hard to make.