Need help with GeoTIFF & BlenderGIS

Can’t seem to get any combination of options to work to get a GeoTIFF to import properly throught the BlenderGIS options.

So far, I get what’s basically the same thing as if you open it in Photoshop:

Here’s the thumbnail of part of the same geographic area:

My preference would be to be able to convert the GeoTIFF to pure grayscale so that I could edit it in Photoshop first, but still working on getting it into Blender.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Try Addon

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You maye have a look at the Github page::

Issues or Discussion… (or even Wiki ??)
…there was something about one geotiff file using a format ( (u)int16/32 ↔ float) which may should be converted into another… because it may not be read correctly…

So… using any geotiff convert-er/ion you may also use any painting app…

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