Need help with horizontal displacement

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i need some help with maybe a basic topic i am stuck on. I tried to recreate a mesh needed for production in After Effects and followed the basic instructions in a tutorial video (will link it in the end). Basically i am creating a displacement map image sequence in After Effects, which i then use to animate a displacement mod on a Plane in Blender. I add a mirror modyfier to get a symmetric kind of portal effect, on which i then would like to add some displacement/noise only on the inner side of the portal, as stated in the tutorial video. As i am a bit new to blender im stuck on this part as im not able to recreate the “horizontal displacement” only. If i add a second displacement mod, after the first one it all starts acting weird and i dont know how to constrain the displacement only on the inner side of the “circle”. Maybe somebody can help me with that or show me some general directions towards a solution of the problem? It would me much appreciated.

The Method is explained shortly in this video at 5:40 to 5:55:

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Try adding the inner faces to a vertex group. When you add your second displacement, choose this group in the modifier under “Vertex Group.” If you need a more detailed explanation, please let me know.

Hey Phil,

thx for you reply! I tried that now and it doesnt really work because the displaced faces change over the course of the animation as the displacement map itself is animated. So if i apply a modyfier to the vertex group in one frame, in the next frame those exact vertices drop out of the animation and others are generated which then dont have any modifier applied to them. Also, it seems im not getting enough faces straight out of the displacement mod in order to effectively apply a second displacement mod on them.

maybe i should just try to apply a gradient to the displacement map in order to get more topology when applying the first displace mod?

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I’m not sure what you mean by the vertices dropping out and being generated frame by fame. Is this in Blender or AE? I do not use AE so cannot help out much there.

To get more topology, I have added a subsurf modifier before the displacement. Increase the number of subdivisions as needed. Depending on the displacement texture, I also add a subdiv after the displacement modifiers to smooth out rough edges.

I’ve been trying to create this in Blender alone, but have not figured out how to achieve the stretching effect (the Optics Compensation in AE) which turns the noise/voronoi procedural textures into radial streaks.