need help with logic bricks and a empty

ok well my problem is that i want to make a object with ghost physics and when i walk through it, the object is parented to my empty. how can i do this? like in those fps games where you walk into a gun it is added into your invi. or most of the time in your hand. thanks

Your thinking about it the wrong way.

It should all be done by the inventory system:

The weapon on ground should have a collision sensor which activates a message actuator (to send a message to the inventory system that it has been “picked up”) and then an end object actuator to dissapear.

This way the inventory gets the message that object was picked up, and it can then add an object to your set up accordingly (with a replace mesh actuator etc).

well i tired that but i cant get it to work. here is a simple .blend i through together to see if you do the logicbricks. when you walk through the cube i want it to apear like infront of the camera like a gun in fps games.

Short tut for this:

First, put the gun where you want it. Add sensor controller and actuator. Property>AND>Visibility (invisible). Select the “Pickup” object, and add a property, bool(ean), set to false. In the gun mesh’s property sensor, type the name of the property on your pickup mesh, and in value, type “True”. Select your player and add a sensor, controller, and an actuator, Collision (with the property that is on your pickup)>AND>Property (the pickup property), set value to “True”. Now, when you run into the pick up, your gun should appear on your screen. I hope this is what you meant. If you’re still having trouble, let me know.