Need help with material!

Hi guys!

I’m trying to make an Epoxy wood material for a client order, I tried fiddling with procedural textures, but I just can’t get it right, the pic. is just a reference not the exact look I’m going for.

Any help is appreciated!



this seems like a cool project. It’d be great if you could explain a little more about the exact requirements.

Do you need one material that does both the wood and the epoxy in one? Is it supposed to work with Eeevee or Cycles?

Can you show, what you’ve got already? What exactly is missing/not to your liking?

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The client isn’t concerned with how the node setup is handled, I don’t really know what would be the easiest eevee or cycles.
This is what i’ve come up with so far

For the epoxy you will probably want to mix a glass shader with a Volume Shader. Something like this:


This is great!, thx fam.

This is definitely better, but I can’t quite get the wooden part right though, I’m guessing because of the thickness?

I tried create the wood using the noise to mask the two materials. I think the shape and coloring of the wood needs some work, but I think there is potential.

I also added to @Lumpengnom 's approach and gave the wooden part an incredibly high density in the volume to give it some thickness.

I won’t have time to play with it any more today, but if this is something that might be useful to you, here’s the blend file:
wood-epoxy-material.blend (1016.1 KB)


Oh god, this is just too much!
Thank you so much man, and of course this is extremely helpful.

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