Need help with modeling this surface

Hi everyone,

I need help modeling the following surface. This is the idea, I select a loop of a sphere (the gray one in the first screenshot), I need to have a semicircle generate a surface around this loop. (2nd and 3rd screenshot).

I tried:
1.generating the semicircle as a mesh section (in the right angle), trying to create a circular 360 degrees array, but it generates separate objects, not a surface.
2. turning the semicircle (section) into a curve, generating a loop in the middle of the faces, separating the circle, turning it also into curve and trying to generate a bevel surface with the 2 curves. This principle should work, but it becomes a mess since you have to start modifying the section curve in edit mode, rotating it in various directions to try to get the surface generated the way you need it to.

Is there a simpler way to do this?


Wouldn’t that be just a cutted Torus?
For example:

1- create a torus
2- select and delete faces
3- select open edges
4- bridge

I hope I understand the problem, if so:

  1. do your circle-mesch
  2. go to Object Mode
  3. add a Screw modifier
  4. tweak the modifier to your needs and apply

Here you’ll find a tutorial about this:

Hope that helps somehow

Thanks for the replies guys, I’ll give both tips a try and let you know how things go. I appreciate it! :smiley: