Need help with prison game!

Hello all! I have a prison game I’m working on through ue4 engine. This game is going to be on pc only. This is a low poly, low resource cost game, and I would love some help with it!

Character Designer: Mainly Block people
Character Rigger: “”
Asset Modeler:
Blueprint Creator for ue4: Dialog, Routine Timer with text and numerical time display.
Multiplayer support for ue4

Right now this is what we need. I already have a start on the level design and a few assets. I also have a inventory system already bought through the store. There are some objects that are already interactive. If anyone is interested in working with me on my project, our group can help you make objects for your needs as well.


plz tell where to start

just tell me where to start

I can work on modeling/texturing. [email protected]