Need help with properties

I did a few searches through the forum and couldn’t find the answer I needed, sorry if I’m repeating a question.

I made a simple little game where you can drive two monkey heads around and shoot balls from the monkeys. When a ball comes in contact with a monkey, it causes the monkey to spin out and fly into the air.

What I want to do is make the spin out occur only if the monkey collides with a ball that has not yet collided with anything else (not hit walls or anything, so only fresh balls straight from the other monkey will make you spin out). I’ve been trying to do this for a few hours using properties and trying to copy properties from the balls to the monkeys and everything I can think of!

I gave the balls a property of ‘Live’ which is a bool with an initial settingo f TRUE. If the property is TRUE, the monkeys should spin out. If it is FALSE, they should not, and the property should get switched to FALSE if it collides with anything other than the monkeys, so balls bouncing off the walls will not hurt our monkeys. I set up a logic brick on my monkeys, if there is a collision with an object with the property “Live” it copies the Live property into Live on the monkey. I have an always sensor, and if Live is TRUE, it sets Live to FALSE and spins out the monkey. Why isn’t this working/?!?!?!

I have the BLEND up at

Please help me out!!!


on the ball

       Sensor ------------------------And---------------------Actuator

collision with property wall Property “collision” = “True”

on the monkey


collion with ball Script “Check_Ball”

#script "Check_Ball"
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()

#Get The Sensor hitball
sensor = cont.getSensor("hitball")#or whatever it is called

#if collision with ball
if sensor.isPositive():
   #get the hit object as obj
   obj = sensor.getHitObject()
   # if the balls property "collision" is False
   if obj.collision == "False":
     #subtract 10 from the monkeys property "health" -= 10