Need help with rendering sprites from a 3d model.


I’ve been trying to find out how to render a 3d model made in blender into an isometric 2d sprite sheet. I was bombarded by a plethora of old software like spriteforge, spriteworks, spritify… none of them came with much information and I haven’t found a single tutorial on the issue (except for this one but there is no information about how to do it with animations

I found an addon, TextureAtlas, that, together with TexturePacker, can create a sprite sheet from my 3d animations. There are two problems with this:

  1. again, there are no tutorials on this so noobs like me have no idea how to actually use it
  2. there seems to be a completely different addon with the same name. So the tutorials that do exist on TextureAtlas seem to have nothing to do with sprites. Here’s the other addon with the same name:

Suffice it to say, I am at a total loss. I know rendering sprites from 3d models/animations has been practiced since fallout 1 so I’m really surprised how difficult it is to get systematic guidance on the matter. Does anyone have a suggestions or advice?