Need Help with Retargeting Rokoko Animations to Maximo Rig

Arms continue to get stuck when retargeting mocap animations to the t-posed rig. Not sure what to do next could use some help. Please and Thank you!!

Did you just grab the animation files off Miximo without your robot?
Or did you send it to Miximo and download the animations?

I usually see this when you send a mesh in A pose and add animation and then grab other animations without skin… The first one works well, but the subsequent animations are for T-Pose but when applied to an A pose character they deform like the one in your image…
I don’t know anything about Rokoko anims…But are they by chance for A-posed mesh? and now you are trying to apply to a T-posed? That would in effect do the same thing…multiply the position from an A-Pose on top of Positions in the T-Pose…

Is it possible for you to place the Mesh in A-Pose and set it as Rest Pose then try another import of the Mo-Cap?
Or share the Blend?

Ok so i rigged the character using Mixamo and set it to a t-pose. Exported that as an fbx and brought it into blender. Then I exported my mocap data from rokoko and that was set as a t-pose as well.