Need help with rigging my first animation character

Hey people ! I need someone to help me with rigging my first animation character, I want someone to make an explanation for everything we do with my project via Skype or Teamspeak like a mentor or smtg :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve learned a bit about it, but first time is always hard, so think i need a little more help than just a youtube videos. I want this model to move like a mashine without deformation of some of the body parts. Also, I would like to make him throw his ninja star on his hend with his hands. Thats my overall idea, just no clue how to do this properly. Need someone to help me in EU time zone, probably weekends or fridays. Thanks for help !

what you ask for is a simple thing to accomplish. I could help if you want, however my time zone is in Texas USA, which is about 12 hours off from you. but if you wanted 8am my time would be 8pm your time. that would work for me. and skype would be good. let me know if you want me to help.