Need help with 'run and attack' animation

Hello everyone.

I want to make an animation where character A runs towards character B and then attacks him. What is the best method for this kind of animation? My biggest problem is with the ‘run’ part i.e moving the character A.

Should I make a run cycle and make char_A follow the path and then at the end of the path animate the attack? Or should I instead animate the run part frame by frame?

Any help is appreciated.


I’d start with the runcycle - then take your runcycle and mod it into being an attack.

If you character run on several meters only, don’t use a follow path constraint, just animate the whole thing in Pose mode, it seems more convenient, no?

yep it’s only a few meters but I thought that by using the run cycle and follow path I would get better results.

In this case, is it necessary to use nla or I could just continue animating at the end of the run?

if it’s only few meters it would probably be easier just to duplicate and move the run cycle in Pose mode than using a Follow Path and so on

I tried it and it looks like it will work for what I need. Thanks