Need help with shadow

People. I have a problem. Made a material of lamppost “traceable” to make light inside
But it has no shadow from it now
How to make it?

Pliizzz haalp me, if you can. I need a reflection of light in mirror floor (
Played with compositing of that plain, materials, shading and other lamps but I still have no solution (

still haven’t figured it out (

Ohhh, I see now what ur problem is. My guess is that you have done something to the lamps material that makes it not show up in reflection/refraction rays. Take a close look at each of your materials on the things that are being reflected and then look for the difference in the one that’s not. Here’s a link to a gift dropbox thing. Use it if you don’t have one already and upload your .blend there and post the link here. Get a few more eyes on it.

If this is blender internal, do you have the traceable check box checked on the floor material? Also make sure your lamp is using ray trace transparency not Mask. Seems there used to be another option like “show transparency” around where it now says traceable. I guess that got turned into traceable. I haven’t used BI in a few months. I’m assuming this is BI as I don’t think there is a traceable option in cycles. Oh and make sure you have at least 2 bounces for your lamps transparency. 1 might do it, though. I don’t know. Upload ur .blend and we’ll get on it.