Need Help with slided (Offset) keyframes

I created an animation a while back and revisited the project just recently. Upon opening it I realized that certain keyframes had been slightly offset to completely destroy my animation work. It looks as though you could easily readjust some of them and it would fix the animation bringing it back into it’s original state. The walk cycle was created after the keyframes where ruined.

The original animation is as follows:
(after walk cycle) Stops, looks to his left, then sets his left leg back while looking down to his right, turns his head forward before preceding to move his leg the same way. then takes a couple of steps to look around behind him, then turns forward again and looks down and then finally takes a leap over the gap.

The blend file:

if there are any animation professionals out there that could take a look and see if there is a simple fix I’d greatly appreciate it!


I really haven’t done any animation but I’ll give it a shot. Go to the dope sheet and select the keys from frame 496 through 508 on the Master Z location and move them 116 frames later (starting at frame 612). Then add some keys to the Y location to give the guy some vertical jump (starting at frame 612).

Thanks, I realize this is a quick fix for the jump, but I’m looking for any similarities in the keyframe positions that are out of whack.