Need help with Sniper Game

Hello BA,
After watching some gameplay of Ghost Sniper or something, I realized I made a tracer asset a week earlier so I went made a special first person setup so you can only move side to side. (it is like you are setup in a prone position and If you move forward you have no cover) or basically a side-scrolling game but in 3d. So I added a scope texture like this:

I chose this image specifically because I want to keep the poly count as low as possible by eliminating the full 3d gun and simply replaced it with a single plane.

And I have almost everything set up, but I need some help with the landscape and please know, I am using my linux again but this time a lower-end jetson nano. And, I am no better than a 5 year old when it comes to having multiple textures and materials in one object. And, I keep on getting frustrated with texturing because when I assign a different material, It is ALWAYS square, it isn’t smooth at all. AM I supposed to make a triangle mesh? IDK.

How do i do this? Help and demos would always be appreciated.

Okay after brainstorming, I have found out what I want the game to end up like. I want it end up like Stick squad, and the mobile hit man game.

Download link for those interested in what I have right now:

A,D move
Left click to shoot
ESC to quit

Not much yet…

Okay HUUGE UPdate, I got some terrain, better view, better graphics
WASD = You know that
Space = Jump
Shift = Slow mo/Bullet trace/Bullet hit review
Right mouse = Scope
Left mouse - Shoot
E = fast look
R = reload
Link ;

Now I need help with the explosion of the Humvee, I got it very basic, but I want it to look better

Don’t get frustrated when it drives away, that is almost a mile away

Okay, what do I need to do next? I don’t know I have so many ideas of the top of my head but I can only do one at a time

What to do next
  • Have More levels
  • more maps
  • Enemy Ai to kill player
  • player can die from fall
  • Reload Animation
  • Shock waves
  • More targets
  • Training Grounds (level)

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hello, nice start. I hope you will keep improve. Little advice i give to everyone, even if i get annoying repeating ; if you want reactions, make at least screenshots , at best video screen capture (win + G on Windows 10) and post it on , then paste the link here, it will be automatically embedded.

People will be 100 times more eager to press on a play button that to download a file.

Also, if you are ambitious but still newbie, talk about your project on the long run . This + videos and you will get reactions

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Uhh, I am sorry to dis appoint u but I am on a very small device, The screen capture function doesn’t work, I am on linux and I am not the best at using terminals to install stuff like screen recorders I trying screenshots but it lags up my device so bad I have to reboot, I am lucky that blender even works.
But I’ll try

Okay, here is some preview of My current version.
this version includes:
Better bullet graphics
New Bullet cam placement

Very laggy video:

Streamable vid(might not be uploaded yet)

The game is better when you try it out yourself
New link:


very cool, and impressive progress. There’s 1 thing you should really improve is the frame rate , unless its the using of that bad mouse actuator ?

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Are you referring to the video or the game itself?

i didnt try the game, but yes in the video, the mouse cursor seem suffering from the bad mouse actuator (unless its because the fps is low ?) . Im not sure im right, but i just remembered that the result was not smooth at all.

Using python is better for moving the camera aruond

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Sorry for the late reply, The video just has bad frame rate