Need help with spawning of target in game.

Hi, I need help with doing a shooting gallery. Do you people know how to make target spawn in the game? Like example there is cockroach for me to shoot, when it is shot, it will show another mesh that I have created. How do we make a new cockroach to be spawned again? Thanks.

set the target to layer2 (spawned objects must not be in layer that they will be spawned to) (select object, MKEY, click on second square)

create an empty mesh as the spawn point (space, add, empty mesh)

create on the empty whatever sensor you want. (delay with repeat, message, state, whichever you want as your condition)

attach this sensor to an actuator of type “Edit Object”

set this actuator to subtype “add object”

type your cockroach’s name in the “OB:____” box

That should work. If you want it to spawn when the previous cockroach is killed, give each cockroach a message actuator, and attach it to the cockroach’s death condition. Tell it to send the message subject “nextroach”. Change your “empty mesh” sensor to message and the subject filter there to “nextroach”. Now copy your cockroach and put the copied version into the first layer.