Need help with starting an a-10

I want to model an a-10, but i’m not very good, after a few different attempts i finally thought to try and use a curve or shrinkwrap on a cylinder, nothings working though.

this is a fairly difficult task, and there is no one way to go about it. you will have to use a number of methods to make it. so let’s start with one piece. how about the fuselage?

Like Modron said, you could start with the fuselage. I’d keep it simple at first, like box modeling the shape.

I think i may be closer but now I need to weld the parts together because boolean is really wierd.,nrNzO

Even if I have to redo the fusalage (probably will), how are the other pieces?

Well you can
change the topology of your mesh so that the vertices you want to weld align
simply put the pieces together and don’t weld them. This should work fine with your plane … especially since it is a metal strukture and was made from different pieces. I would just aling the pieces so that the intersect and keep them as sepperate meshes (allows for more control too).
If you want only one mesh you still can merge them when you are done into one mesh (just select all pieces and the main part as last and press ctrl+j)

From what i ve seen on your last image … you might want to add some more loop cuts to the wings … simply to be able to deform them smoother (the upwards bending of the wings seen in the front view for example).

As a general tip … if something seems complicated and you are not sure how to model it … try to cut the problem into tiny pices and start with the easy ones. Once you come to the difficould parts your already solved components will show you how to move to the next part and in the end you might just have to worry about connecting the different parts.

And a last thing … i saw that you used the subsurface modifier … which is always good and helps to get smooth results … but you will need to sharpen your edges.
The simplest way is just to add some loop cuts close to the edge (on either side … so that you end up with 3 for very sharp edges) or use an edge split modifier and deselect the angle option and use the mark sharp edges one. (to mark an edge as sharp for the modifier, select the edge and press ctrl+e and select mark sharp from the menu)

But be carefull … once the edgesplit modifier is applies it will cut your mesh on every as sharp marked edge.

Talk about jumping in at the deep end!
I would suggest that you step back from this for a few minutes, box model some more simple items, playing with subdivision and different edge configurations to get an understanding of how edges deform… For example… try making a can of soup… but use edgeloops to make the edges and set them up so that the rings and ridges of the can are pretty much dead on with the real world model.
Is this more boring than an a10? Absolutely… but it’s the same concept as a professional painter doing still life paintings to understand light, color, texture etc…

That being said… if you’re going to just stay with the project, bite it off in chunks. Do just the right profile… cut in your loops, line it up… etc… then cut to the front profile and do the same. Once that’s done, collapse faces, add in new ones, etc. to clean up your topology.
EDIT: Also, work big to small in passes… Don’t try adding nuts and bolts while you’re still trying to get the fuselage to match the background image.

What is your overall goal with this? Are you wanting photo-realism, a video-game model, a destructible video prop, a 3d-printable figure? Each of these requires a departure into a different workflow at a certain point.