Need help with subdevide feature

Hey all.
My name is alex.
Nice to meet all of you!
I have so far only one question for a problem i met.

The problem:
Let’s take for example a simple box.
When i subdevide it it create 4 new faces on every side of the box.
After when i subdevide the previous subdevided face it isn’t subdevide it any more.
I ts not really don’t work on every face but some of the can’t subdevided again.

Somebody know this kind of problem?

It’s not a problem, it’s a feature.
When you subdivide a whole cube, all faces are subdivided. When you subdivide one face, that face is subdivided and other faces around it gets an extra vertex so that the subdivision is possible on that one face.
There are faces (polygons) that have 3 (triangle) 4 (quad) and 5 or more (ngon) vertices. In your case when you subdivide just one face, other quad faces around it become an ngon. Also note that when you subdivide an ngon, the result is an ngon with 2x more vertices and edges.

Ohh this what all it about.
JA12 - Thank you so much!

Additionally, when you select 1 face and click on Subdivide, if you don’t want ngons to be created around this face you are subdividing, -after- clicking on the Subdivide button press F6 and enable “Quad/Tri mode” .

Thanks a lot!
It’s really work!