Need help with texture on wooden bat.

Hello, I am just starting to learn how to texture with nodes and I ran into this problem. My wood grain texture on my bat seems to all go to two focal points in the middle of each side of the bat. Please see pic or open blend file to have a look.

Anybody know how I can get that texture to not do that and look alot more accurate? I kind of want the wood grain to run longways across the bat. Also if there are other hiccups you think I should fix please do help with that to if you wish.


Wood Batblend.blend (668 KB)

Newsflash mate your texture isn’t in the file. It’s gotta be packed.

Either way put a ‘Mapping’ node between the ‘Texture Coordinate’ & ‘Image texture’ node.
That should give some leniency.

News flash mate, you don’t put words in quotation using apostrophes.

Thanks for the help though.


To pack file…Go Menuline - File - External Data…Tic - Automatically pack into.Blend

You can unwrap it and use Uv/Editor to setup texture.

Your Node setup…I don’t get why You have 2 Materiale output…?

Normal You will use a Mix Shader to connect a diffuse and Clossy node and maybe a Layer Weight.

See Picture bassic setup.